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We are young people who share the same hobby of playing games and making games. Our aim is to create quality, diverse and attractive products for players and become the leading Game Production Company in Vietnam.

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Mini Restaurant: Food Tycoon

As a product of Game Tycoon simulating business with attractive features, providing players with great moments, Mini Restaurant: Food Tycoon is the game you should definitely try this time! In Mini Restaurant: Food Tycoon, you can cook various dishes from all around the world: Pizza, Burger, French fries, sushi, croissant, Japanese fish cake, Spaghetti, Fortune cookies, Instant noodles or fried shrimp dumplings… Become the "boss" right away with Mini Restaurant: Food Tycoon!

Food Fever: Restaurant Tycoon

Amidst the myriad of issues surrounding life that make you feel stressed and weary, turning to a favorite entertainment game is an effective solution chosen by many. Instead of opting for mind-bending games, why not meet adorable little employees at the restaurants of Food Fever to become the "tycoon" of the restaurant world, hiring chefs, selling food, and building the largest restaurant empire in this simulation game.
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