July 12, 2023 Activity

Let's look back at Unimob's half-year journey. What have we been accomplishing in the goals set out from the beginning of 2023?
It can be seen that the domestic economic situation has experienced difficulties and challenges in the first two quarters of the year. However, at Unimob, production and business activities in the first 6 months of the year "thieves" have prospered.
👉Let's spend a few minutes with Unimob to look back on the past journey and get ready for the upcoming challenges!!
Unimob (2048 × 1353 Px)
In terms of personnel: In general, in the past 6 months, the Game industry has had many changes, however, in this half of the year, Unimob is having strong 
changes, expanding the scale, production teams, Marketing or departments. Back- Office is supplemented with personnel to serve the company's development 
needs. In addition, the number of employees leaving is very small. That partly confirms that the working environment at Unimob is attractive and competitive.
About the product:
In the past 6 months, Unimob continued to maintain released game products and released 1 official product Food Fever and launched 
Beta product Mini Restaurant. The production teams have stepped up the production of projects, developing more features in game products 
to be able to launch in the near future. The products launched in the near future are expected to be well received and successful.

About business situation: Unimob always takes feedback from users and business performance as a measure of project success. 
Projects in the second half of 2023 have received positive indicators and are on a strong development momentum at the end of the second quarter.
 Hopefully business indexes will continue to grow stronger in the last 6 months of the year.

And internal culture: Internal culture is increasingly promoted and improved in a positive direction. Unimob aims to build an open working environment, 
with many opportunities to exchange and learn from each other so that individuals can develop more every day. Along with that, Unimob is a company with
 a scientific workflow, smart way of working, so OT is almost rare. In general, Unimob is and will continue to maintain an internal culture according 
to 4 core values: Sharing, Responsibility. Teamwork and Efficiency.
Hopefully, what the U family has achieved in the past 6 months will be a "lever" to cheer up the spirit and motivate the brothers and sisters 
in the company to make further breakthroughs to be able to move closer to the goals set by the company. set for this 2023.