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Let’s take a look back at Unimob’s activities over the past six months. What have we achieved in line with the goals set at the beginning of 2023?

Despite the economic challenges faced by the country in the first two quarters of the year, Unimob’s production and business activities in the first six months have shown remarkable progress.

👉 Let’s spend a few minutes reviewing the journey so far and prepare ourselves for the upcoming challenges!

Regarding personnel: Overall, the gaming industry has seen many fluctuations in the past six months. However, during this period, Unimob has undergone significant transformations, expanding its scale and adding personnel to production teams, marketing, and the back-office department to meet the company’s development needs. Moreover, the turnover rate of employees has been very low, partially affirming the attractiveness and competitiveness of Unimob’s working environment.

Regarding products:
In the past six months, Unimob has continued to maintain its released game products and officially launched the Food Fever game while introducing the beta version of the Mini Restaurant game. Production teams have accelerated project development, adding more features to existing game products for upcoming releases. The upcoming product launches are expected to be well-received and achieve considerable success.


Regarding business performance:
Unimob always considers user feedback and business effectiveness as measures of project success. Projects in the first half of 2023 have yielded positive results and are experiencing strong development momentum in the late second quarter. We hope that business performance indicators will continue to grow even stronger in the last six months of the year.

And internal culture:
The internal culture is increasingly being strengthened and improved in a positive direction. Unimob aims to create an open working environment with ample opportunities for mutual exchange and learning to help individuals develop further each day. Additionally, Unimob operates with scientific work processes and smart working methods, making overtime occurrences extremely rare. Overall, Unimob continues to maintain its internal culture based on four core values: Sharing, Responsibility, Teamwork, and Efficiency.

We hope that Unimob’s achievements in the past six months will serve as leverage to boost morale and motivate all employees in the company to strive even harder to approach the goals set for 2023.

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